Blog: Hello, I’m Lynnychen 

Hello and thank you for visiting my site! I just started blogging again – I did it a few years ago but not very often and lost interest for quite some time. But since I now regulary use Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter and started to follow awesome bloggers like Caro Daur or Blogger Bazaar (follow them, they’re really addictive!) things started to change. I discovered how much I enjoy blogging about things that I love: movies, tv series, food, travel – and fashion.

If you ask me about my favorite movie or series I can’t really decide on one or two because there’s literally so many of them. I’m very much in love with everything related to the MCU, disney and star trek. But I also don’t say no to decent historical movies („Selma“ & „The Eichmann Show“ for more recent examples) and addictive tv series like „Supernatural“, „Sherlock“, „Ripper Street“, „Penny Dreadful“ or“Band of Brothers“. I love to read everything about travel & lifestyle, sadly I can’t travel often but the times when it happens you can bet I have my instagram ready, like when we went to Mallorca:


If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask/tell me. I try to update something new regulary but right now my master thesis wants to be written – and this comes first next to my part-time job as an editor.

Bye guys!




Autor: Ann Lin

26, editor, with a #marvelobsession and a big love for coffee.

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