Preview: Stranger Things, Vikings & Co. 

There are many things to be excited for in 2017 and one is definitely to watch as many tv series as I can. I love to lay back, drink some coffee or tea and binge-watch! Thankfully, Netflix, Amazon Prime & Co. have great series coming in 2017, so I can’t wait! Here are my favorites:

  • „The Man In The High Castle“ Season 2: The series is available since December 2016, but I’m watching it with my family, so we need to wait for the dubbed version – which comes January, 13th. This alternate history/dystopian series is just too good!


  • Marvel’s „Iron Fist“ (March, 17th 2017) & „The Defenders“ (possibly autumn 2017): I’m a big fan of „Daredevil“ and „Jessica Jones“, so I’m quite excited to see what Iron Fist will be up to in his standalone-series. The Marvel heroes also assemble in „The Defenders“, with Sigourney Weaver starring in a main role (maybe playing the villain). I started to watch „Luke Cage“ last year too but never finished it. I don’t know what went wrong, the acting was good, but the storyline wasn’t as thrilling as I hoped it would be. So hopefully „Iron Fist“ will be different.


  • „Vikings“ Season 5 (possibly autumn 2017): Season 4.2 is airing right now, but of course I’m already excited to follow Ragnar’s sons further on their amazing journey. I hope „Vikings“ continues to be that good (- SPOILER: even with one of their main characters dead).


  • „Stranger Things“ Season 2 (possibly summer/autumn 2017): What can I say? The story is thrilling, Winona Ryder celebrates her big comeback and the young actors are just too cute for words. I’m definitely ready for some more mystery, Duffer Brothers!


  • „The Crown“ (possibly winter 2017, as netflix likes to publish their series annually): This series deserved to win their Golden Globes last night, since it gives us an fascinating view into the british monarchy and Queen Elizabeth II. Can’t wait for the actors to come back and reprise their roles!


  • „Sherlock“ (german dubbed version airing spring 2017): The fourth season of „Sherlock“ is now airing in the UK and USA, but german viewers have to wait a little bit longer. Although I’m quite happy to see the new episodes soon, I also worry a little – season 3 was good, but not as great as the first two seasons, which still are my favorites…

Also on my list: „Fuller House“ (Season 3), The „OA“ (which will hopefully get a second season soon –  with that mean cliffhanger it needs more episodes), „Supernatural“ Season 11 (waiting for the dubbed version – the series was just renewed for season 13 in the USA).

I’m mad about: Netflix cancelling „Marco Polo“ without ending it properly. Do I need to tell you how much I hate unfinished series?

I don’t really care about: „Game Of Thrones“ – I know shocking, right?! But I never watched any their episodes. At least that means I can browse through the internet when new seasons are airing without fearing spoilers everywhere. Also: „Orange Is The New Black“ – the series seems to be good, but I never really felt like „Oh my god, I just NEED to watch this“.

And you? What are your favorite series you can’t wait to watch this year?




Autor: Ann Lin

26, editor, with a #marvelobsession and a big love for coffee.

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