Daily Inspiration & Blogger Crush

Well, I love Fashion, but sometimes I’m standing in front of my closet and just take the first shirt/jeans that falls into my hands (not very fashionable?). But from time to time I go shopping and find some great pieces – last friday was such a day: Weiterlesen „Daily Inspiration & Blogger Crush“


MovieSunday: Iron Man! Murder! Poetry!

Sunday means: Day off! And when you’re not out there meeting friends, washing the dishes, going into museums or relax on the balcony (if you have more sun than me, congratulations and send me some of it!), there’s nothing better than to use your time and watch movies or tv shows (#bingewatching is a thing now and you know it!). I looked through my stuff today and picked three of my favorites. It’s seriously hard to narrow it down but I’m in love with Marvel and Movie Classics, so they had to be included. But of course there are a lot of other films I like…the list is kind of endless. Familiar to you?

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Perfection: Pushing myself to the limit? 

Perfection is everything – or not?

I always want to do my best. Okay, that may not sound so terrible at first… I think almost everyone out there wants to do his/her best or am I wrong? Partly, even the society (or societies to be fair) we live in want to see us perform well, since doing that can mean you get a reward (a good mark, your monthly salary or even sth. simple like a big hug). But I also wouldn’t say that societies are the only one guilty of us working too hard, because that depends on a multitude of things.

The real problem I have with it lies deeper: Some people are able to accept struggles for what they are: Things that happen. They’ve learned that you don’t need to be perfect, they laugh, they cry, they just are. I always see struggles as hurdles I can’t jump over. I always want to do my best, failures are unacceptable. Because failures…well they mean you’ve FAILED (which literally translates in my head to „You’re not good enough“). So I work, work, work (yes and even listen to that Rihanna song). I’m serious: I don’t like free days where I did nothing – when I take them it always feels …wrong. Like I should have used the day better. And there it is, the problem: You wanna do your best – which means that in the end, you never feel accomplished. You never reach your goal.

Now try to change that.

I’m trying to – but at the same time I’m constantly asking myself: Will it ever be enough?



Erdbeerkuchen & Reviews („Vikings“, „The Last Kingdom“)

Well, I hope I’m not scaring you away but this post will be in german for a change. It’s mainly about two of my favorite shows („Vikings“ & The Last Kingdom“) – if anyone’s interested in reading my little reviews in english, just say it and I’ll translate it 🙂

Leidenschaft, Blut und Tränen

Selbstgemachter Erdbeerkuchen ist lecker, aber kann man dazu noch gemütlich auf seiner Couch sitzen, ist der Tag gerettet (egal, wie viel es heute geregnet haben mag). Nachdem wir heute morgen erst shoppen waren und danach Einkäufe und andere Sachen erledigt haben, sitzen wir zum Abschluss des Tages vor dem Fernseher (klassisch, wa!?). Momentan schauen wir die 3. und 4. Staffel des wunderbaren Formats „Vikings“. Eigentlich bin ich früher nicht so der Fan von Mittelalter-Serien gewesen, aber seitdem wir Netflix & Amazon Prime haben und über „The Last Kingdom“ gestolpert sind, hat sich meine Meinung geändert (dazu später mehr).

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Travel to: Cala Ratjada, Mallorca 

There’s nothing better than travel to one of your favorite places in the world….

So for my first „real“ post here (since the other was just a short „welcome, look i’m blogging again“), here’s a a post about my wonderful trip to Mallorca. So we went there in May andthe weather was good (around 20 degrees celsius). Normally we’re there when it’s 30 degrees so it was a little bit colder than we’re used to and sometimes very windy – but the sky was always blue and the sun shining down on us, so we were alright!

Another thing I wanna say first: Mallorca does have this big reputation of being loud, full of party/drunk people etc. and while I partly agree to that – Mallorca and Cala Ratjada in particular have a lot of beautiful places, shops, restaurants etc.; traveling there is worth it, especially if you’re not going in midsummer when EVERYONE is there but in May/early June or September for example. Back to our trip…

Arriving in paradise. Already happy.

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Blog: Hello, I’m Lynnychen 

Hello and thank you for visiting my site! I just started blogging again – I did it a few years ago but not very often and lost interest for quite some time. But since I now regulary use Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter and started to follow awesome bloggers like Caro Daur or Blogger Bazaar (follow them, they’re really addictive!) things started to change. I discovered how much I enjoy blogging about things that I love: movies, tv series, food, travel – and fashion.

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