Goodbye 2016, hello 2017!

Some of my favorite moments this year…


Guys, 2016 is almost over! A part of me can’t believe it, because when I look back now it seems like time just flew so fast (imagine my shocked face as an emoji here please)…

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Fashion Friday: California dreamin‘!

So the weather got better here in Hamburg, which of course means I can finally wear shorts again.

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Nachtrag zum Blogpost über Prag: Abstriche

Die negativen Seiten von Prag…

Mir ist gestern nach Veröffentlichung des letzten Posts aufgefallen, dass ich etwas ausgelassen habe, nämlich genau die Dinge, die mir in Prag nicht so gut gefallen haben. Das soll jetzt nicht heißen, dass ich die Stadt als total schrecklich empfinde – ich würde da immer wieder hinreisen. Aber der letzte Post von „Land of Marvel“ hat mich darin bestärkt, ehrlich zu sein und die Abstriche zu nennen, die es wohl fast überall gibt. So auch in Prag… Weiterlesen „Nachtrag zum Blogpost über Prag: Abstriche“

Travel to: Prag.

Prague is a wonderful city and worth a visit!

Hello everyone!

I looked through my old photos and since I wanted to do something for the blog, I decided to play #throwback with U! Look at the end of the post for more pictures, the rest of it will be in german.

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Travel to: Cala Ratjada, Mallorca 

There’s nothing better than travel to one of your favorite places in the world….

So for my first „real“ post here (since the other was just a short „welcome, look i’m blogging again“), here’s a a post about my wonderful trip to Mallorca. So we went there in May andthe weather was good (around 20 degrees celsius). Normally we’re there when it’s 30 degrees so it was a little bit colder than we’re used to and sometimes very windy – but the sky was always blue and the sun shining down on us, so we were alright!

Another thing I wanna say first: Mallorca does have this big reputation of being loud, full of party/drunk people etc. and while I partly agree to that – Mallorca and Cala Ratjada in particular have a lot of beautiful places, shops, restaurants etc.; traveling there is worth it, especially if you’re not going in midsummer when EVERYONE is there but in May/early June or September for example. Back to our trip…

Arriving in paradise. Already happy.

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Blog: Hello, I’m Lynnychen 

Hello and thank you for visiting my site! I just started blogging again – I did it a few years ago but not very often and lost interest for quite some time. But since I now regulary use Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter and started to follow awesome bloggers like Caro Daur or Blogger Bazaar (follow them, they’re really addictive!) things started to change. I discovered how much I enjoy blogging about things that I love: movies, tv series, food, travel – and fashion.

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