3 things to watch & read: Empfehlungen für regnerische Sommertage

Ein kleines Life-Update und drei Empfehlungen für einen Serien- und Lesemarathon!


Mit ziemlich viel Verspätung folgt hier endlich wieder ein neuer Blog-Beitrag: Am 1. Juni habe ich meinen neuen Job als Junior Content Managerin in einer Online-Redaktion angefangen, was meine Zeit natürlich voll in Anspruch nimmt.

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Perfection: Pushing myself to the limit? 

Perfection is everything – or not?

I always want to do my best. Okay, that may not sound so terrible at first… I think almost everyone out there wants to do his/her best or am I wrong? Partly, even the society (or societies to be fair) we live in want to see us perform well, since doing that can mean you get a reward (a good mark, your monthly salary or even sth. simple like a big hug). But I also wouldn’t say that societies are the only one guilty of us working too hard, because that depends on a multitude of things.

The real problem I have with it lies deeper: Some people are able to accept struggles for what they are: Things that happen. They’ve learned that you don’t need to be perfect, they laugh, they cry, they just are. I always see struggles as hurdles I can’t jump over. I always want to do my best, failures are unacceptable. Because failures…well they mean you’ve FAILED (which literally translates in my head to „You’re not good enough“). So I work, work, work (yes and even listen to that Rihanna song). I’m serious: I don’t like free days where I did nothing – when I take them it always feels …wrong. Like I should have used the day better. And there it is, the problem: You wanna do your best – which means that in the end, you never feel accomplished. You never reach your goal.

Now try to change that.

I’m trying to – but at the same time I’m constantly asking myself: Will it ever be enough?